1. The Manchester Robot Orchestra – Sep 2015 – ongoing

mix by @noisytoys recorded during wearetherobots hack @MMU Shed.

#robotsarecoming to the European City of Science. I’m working on a citizen engineering project devised with Professor Danielle George (RI Christmas Lectures, University of Manchester) to tap into the ingenuity and community spirit of Manchester to crowdsource a recycled robot orchestra from redundant technology.


Supported by EPSRC Impact Award, Siemens and The Granada Foundation.

2.#Hookedonmusic  Feb 2013 – Jun 2015

Citizen science game exploring what makes music catchy. Play the game or find out more.

Supported by Wellcome Trust Fellowship & Manchester City Council

3. FarmLab & WeAreFarmers – Jan 2015 – ongoing

Pop up urban Farm and network prototyping the future of urban farming.

Supported by Wellcome Trust, Manchester Science Partnerships & The School of Social Entrepreneurs

4. atlas:mcr

Experimental lab bringing together community groups, academics and artists to explore and respond to community challenges in creative and unexpected ways.

Supported by The University of Manchester Art-Science initiative


Catalysing Social Value Oct 2013 – Jan 2014

Knowledge exchange pilot with Helen Storey Foundation and the University of Manchester.

Supported  by a University of Manchester HEIF Ecoaward.

The Red Chair July – Dec 2013

Social Innovation pilot exploring the potential to harness the wisdom of the crowd to pave the way to improve disabled access to mainstream cultural services.

Supported by a Higher Education Social Entrepreneurship Try It Award (HEFCE/Unltd) from UMI3

The Cultural Values of Digging Sep 2013 – Feb 2014

Activities around digging have become massively popular again in recent years, including in the attention they have received from cultural institutions. This project examines different forms of digging (A wartime garden, the big dig and The Wigan Diggers Festival) to establish evidence for their cultural value. In line with the AHRC Cultural Value project, (which funds this project) we will provide rigourous approaches to evaluating dimensions of cultural value, in our case related to a range of different ways value is attached to digging. Follow our journey on the project blog.

Supported by AHRC, the University of Sheffield and The University of Manchester

Turing’s Sunflowers – generating life sciences impact through citizen science Oct 2013 – Jul 2014

Enhancing the impact of Turing’s Sunflowers.

Supported by internal Life Sciences Impact Award, University of Manchester

Everyday Growing Cultures – Feb – July 2013

Everyday Growing Cultures’ brings together Manchester and Sheffield based food growing communities with open data activists to see how the methods and techniques commonly employed within a more technology orientated community can be made useful to those seeking more land for food production in these cities. Check the project website.

Supported by the Digital Economy Communities & Culture Network + (CC+). Visit the project on the CC+ link.


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