Welcome to my blog! This blog charts a few adventures, in and around my everyday life from, urban farming to learning to play the piano to writing, curating and making films, exhibitions and events. I grew up in the east end of London before moving to Manchester to study neuroscience. My interests have always spanned art, science and social change and I’ve flitted between them professionally for two decades. Now, after a 2 year fellowship from Wellcome Trust, I get to combine them as lecturer in Science Communication and Future Media at Salford University. \o/

I’m currently developing a new cross media project, Lost Cats Legacy and creating an online course to teach Science Communication and Future Media at Salford with Professor Andy Miah.

I co-design public experiments to encourage participation and social innovation through storytelling and immersive experiences. I work with activists, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, designers and artists to make these dreams come true.

Projects I’m really proud of that do this, include:

2016 FarmLab

2016 Manchester Robot Orchestra

2013 #Hookedonmusic

2011 Catalyst

2012 Turing’s Sunflowers

2008 Manchester Beacon

Squirrel Nation

I am Creative Director of Squirrel Nation, which i co-founded with visual artist and designer, Caroline Ward.

Get the full picture via Erinma (for career history et al)

Please feel free to share content, make comments and get in touch.
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