Late to the party…?

do what you love

I am late to the party on a lot of things. Wham – passed me by (it was the hair and the tans…. noooo!) and Skiing holidays (tans and prospect of broken legs), Ibiza (tans), Iaya Napa (just because) and Ugg boots (whyyy?!). 2019 will be the year of catching up with doing more of what I love. So, not with eighties music icons or missed holiday sun but with writing more.

In my summer holidays, I used to write nearly every single day. I think it started when I went on holiday to my aunt’s farm. She gave me a diary to write in every year. For some reason I wrote about all the things I had for breakfast and my friendships with all the animals on the farm – the cows, the chicken, terry and petra, the dogs and mis and mas the cats. When the cows died and I realised they were killed for us to eat, life was never the same again. I think becoming vegetarian formed in my mind right there and then – opening the door to a massive freezer and seeing half a cow in it. The animals were my friends, why would I eat them? I think the BSE crisis in the UK kickstarted me to being vegetarian – I knew that those animals were not loved or cared for. It starts with food, the farm taught me that.

Thinking about the things to do more of, I had so much fun making this video with my niece and nephew, Panda heads and all. I took the Panda heads on the train to Scotland, with a vague idea that we would pull it off, but no idea of how.  As with the Harlem Shake, if you want to know how it works, I think you have a go and to collaborate and share what you do with others. I think this  version was take number 6 or so.

In the last year, I really enjoyed writing letters to people and recently wrote a short story for my nephews. In the holiday season I have been writing every morning, just a bit, about pets, drinks and breakfast, the little things that make life go around. The stories have taken me all over the world. So, 2019 will be a year of doing more of what I love. Here’s to a year of writing, just for the love of it, and encouraging and paying attention to what young people have to say about the future.

Happy New Year.

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