I woke up one morning last week super early, with a different kind of energy. It’s the kind of energy I feel when I am part of a universe bigger than me. And, that I am getting behind a mission with a whole bunch of people, some of whom I have never met, who really care. There is a feeling that we are on the cusp of possibility, of ensuring that justice will be realised and that we have to come together, work together and make sure certain voices are heard. That the truth, not just the facts of the matter, will be heard.


I had this feeling when I witnessed my student, Michaella Parnell, work with her community via the internet, and at The Manchester Science Festival community science showcase, to share stories and to raise awareness of the painful, longterm condition, Hidradentitis Suppurative (HS for short) through their campaign #HSMillionsHiding, which launched today, uniting people around the world to remember those affected by and lost to the condition.



Today, the international HS community, who are living with this condition, are bringing their plight to light and honouring those who lost their lives due to HS-related complications. I hope many more people will hear about and bear witness to the HS community and scientists are given the compassion and energy to help find a cure.

Here’s a few of the people, who Michaela got behind the campaign…. and go here, to the HS Figshare repository, to see the poster campaigns in languages from around the world.


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