A seat at the table…


As I re-entered academia, I’ve been grappling with how best to recognise the many intellectual activists, non-academic activists, artists and cultural producers who have influenced and shaped my journey. Academia finds it hard to come to terms with and recognise outside and activist academic influences, so, here is my growing list…

Sara Ahmad, Nadia Albina, Maya Angelou, Emmanuel Bajiiji, James Baldwin, Sarah Banks  Nancy Barrett, Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Yael Bartana, Cilla Baynes, Antonio Benitez, Marc Boothe, Jan Bradley, Ellie Buckley, Sybille Bruun, Sophie Bruun, Felicity Callard, Sally Carr, Maya Chowdhry, Jen Cleary, Caroline Coates, The ECR collective, Ivana Cooke, Lauren Couch, Kimberle Crenshaw, Ruth Daniel, Angela Davies, Kim Dambaek, Carol Donaldson, Dawn Edge, Aneez Esmail, Laura Etchells, Kate Farrell, Vicky Featherstone, Maria Angela Ferrario, Myrtle Finley, Jean Franczyk, Paul Freire, Karen Gabay, Tracy Gentles, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi, Natasha Gordon, Ann Grand, Sam Gray, Jaya Graves, Muki Haklay, Ali Hanbury, Stuart Hall, Sam Harrie, Patricia Hill, bell hooks, Billie Holiday, Natalie Ireland, Carolyn Kagan, Jackie Kay, Gary Kerr, Cressida Kocienski, Joanne Irvine, Carolyn Kagan, Zora Kuettner, Chanje Kunda, Lwimbo Kunda, Nichola Langdon, Amy Lawrence, Angela Lawrence, Amelia Lee, Christopher Lebron, Celeste Liddle, Brian Lobel, Audre Lorde, Bianca Manu, Sergei Marriott, Nnena McKenzie, John McGrath, Steve McQueen, Tamsin Middleton, Andy Miah, Nicci Motiang, Abi Morgan, Marieke Navin, Deyika Nzeribe, Ellen Ochu, Else Ochu, Thomas Ochu, Florence Okoye, Imo Otoro, Michaela Parnell, Jo Paton, Hebe Phillips, Valerie Pickford, Mahboobeh Rajabi, Cindy Regalado, Martin Reynolds, Helen Richmond, Pussy Riot, Nancy Rothwell, Susanne Sachsse, Danusia Samal, Karen Shannon, Anita Shervington, Judith Smith, Suzanne Spicer, Jamie Starboisky, Bella Starling, Liz Sidwell, Katharine Stout, Helen Storey, Solange, Jonathan Swinton, Jessica Thom, Julia Turpin, Jo Verrent, Ravinder Virdee, Sam Wajid, Sara Wajid, Tom Wakeford, Michele Wallace, Eileen Walsh, Hayley Walsh, Caroline Ward, Lance Weiler, Jon Whittle, Colette Williams, Tony Wright, Malcolm X, Vanessa Young and Jill Zmud to name but a few.

Thank you all.



    1. Thank you Erinma. You have influenced and shaped my journey from the moment I met you as a third year undergraduate in your Scicomm lecture. It was your lecture that introduced me to the world of Scicomm and citizen science. It was during your lecture that I had an epiphany that it was what I was trying to do. Thank you for re-entering academia as you have has a positive life changing effect on me.

      You have continued to inspire, challenge, influence and shape my journey as your Scicomm and future media student. You and Andy Miah are my Scicomm Yoda’s. I look forward to continuing to be challenged, inspired, having you both help me develop and shape my future journey.

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