MIF MaGic – Night walks, #mcr #MIF15

It might be raining, but Manchester is absolutely on fire this week. Manchester International Festival is in fine swagger. Last night we went to Old Granada Studios to check out FKA Twigs, in residence making new work Soundtrack 7. ‘Each day of the residency will see FKA twigs and collaborators create and film a new dance-based performance piece, in which FKA twigs will explore seven narratives from her own life’. We were there for Mother Creep.

It was intriguing, strange, charming…  a stage, some lights, dancers, cameras, playback track and us, an audience of twenty or so crouched a beat a way from her minute frame. Sounds like we were luckier than this chap… timing is everything i guess.

After a curry at Akbars on Liverpool road we walked home through Castlefield, wondering about our next film, I’m Still Here, and how we can evolve it into life – a residency in a hospital, a hackthon or two and a gallery space – when suddenly, we happened upon a ‘homeless camp’ (their words, not mine) of tents pitched up on the grass just below the stairs that lead to the tram stop at Deansgate. And, you had to wonder if this was an installation or real life, the reality bites of austerity.

Wandering away from the camp and along the canal, we hit the spot where Bjork had enraptured folk about a week ago, turning the sky pink and blue in the process.

Nearing home and on the road out to Old Trafford, we spotted at a glance, between the alleyways, a group of lads boxing red gloves flashing under the street lamps.

When i got home, i was intrigued to find Twigs’ evolving piece of work online, Inside Soundtrack 7. The perfect find before a night’s sleep and our next line up… FlexN. Tree of Codes was something, but I am realllllllllllllly looking forward to tonight’s show, dance culture that pulsed out of the need to be creative in East Brooklyn, New York, an inspiration and a mirror to our own inner city grimes.

When everything has been lost, there is everything to be found.

This one is for Noel – go get it and bring it home.


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