The life & times of #babyteeth…

So when i got this tweet from Rick Hall

…of course i signed up immediately.  Several emails and a chat with Jennifer Hogan, The Lab_13Irchester scientist-in-residence later (who is off on tour to Abu Dhabi Science Festival), I will be at the school next Tuesday doing two x90 min sessions to devise experiments and stories to find out everything we can about the young people’s topic of choice… Babyteeth.

Meantime, I’ve been looking for resources online to brush up (pardon the pun) my knowledge on all things babyteeth. So far, mumsnet is proving pretty insightful and tomorrow I’ll be checking out the Wellcome Library to see if they have anything to stimulate curious minds. Hopefully the Manchester Dental school will get back to me later and I’ll have plenty of stimuli to shape the session.

I’ve been looking for a creative space or context to put my citizen science and storytelling skills to use so this will be a great opportunity. I am pretty sure this will be an incredibly rewarding experience for me and the other guest scientists who will be in residence over the next month.

Guest scientists

Lab13, run by Ignite!, is based on the famous art studio, Room13, and is a creative place for kids to experiment, play and develop their own ideas alongside a scientist-in-residence.

So, if i pester you about baby teeth stories, now you know why! One art-science project that springs to mind in thinking about Babyteeth is this fabulous one, from artist, Gina Czarnecki, where kids can donate a babytooth to create a magical palace.


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