Cross the streams… \o/

Am getting very excited about heading to Cern for Story matter Science and Storytelling event which aims to create stories from science and science from stories.

I am reminded of sensor-based technologies that can aid storytelling through using data. Humans are after all, sensors, right? One of my hero’s working in this area, is experience designer and storyteller, Lance Weiler who talks about constructing collective narratives and communities being able to actively reimagine their futures. He has done some incredible stuff that exists online and in the real world.

This is the stream crossing citizen science & interactive storytelling that i dream of… ‘living and breathing stories with mutliple layers of interactivity’ with multiple ways into the story.

Our team is coming together online and i know i will learn lots on this journey down a new path.

Cheers to Hwa Young for sharing her CERN trip photos.


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