Go Wild, Go Roaming…

The Future

So, I’ve reached past mid-point on my 2 year Wellcome Engagement fellowship, and I’m starting to imagine the future. As part of that I am keen to visit places that i can envisage my practice being valued, with a view to creating the environment for my contributions to thrive.

I’m looking to visit organisations or to find a placement somewhere that values social innovation…

– experience/ design: co-design & storytelling approaches

And to re-create what i learn via a series of events exploring key themes – of loss, inheritance, music and food… maybe i can be persuaded away from these but hey, gotta start somewhere.

I don’t want to develop projects but to bring the right people, interested in the themes, together in unusual or new spaces and use that as a starting point, to create a relational dynamic, from which innovation and serendipity might spring.

I recognise that i have this itch to create beginnings and to operate beyond institutional and disciplinary boundaries. There are challenges to this way of working, but the social economics of it, the shared resources it can generate, are exhilarating when it works.


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