And your mama too.

Still from Y Tu Mama Tambien

So trapped in London, clinging to the internet for dear life (rather than socialising), i got an email… ‘what’s the best films and dramas which explore medical science and the impact it has on our lives…’ i thought it would be fun to post my responses… and queer it a little.

Best TV drama: i couldn’t decide… so i have two…

1. Grey’s Anatomy: (corny but memorable soundtrack)

2. Breaking Bad:

Both explore what happens when people get sick, really sick and how it affects the lives of people around them. Grey’s Anatomy gives more insights into medical science, the procedures, the treatments and the culture, so it comes first. Breaking Bad gets a look in because i love the metaphorical take on the title… cancer (bad cells) spreads, it effects people in strange ways that we don’t always talk about – and bad behaviour spreads, especially if we don’t talk about it.

Best film

There are too many favourite films in this category – but – a film that i’ll never forget is Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Y Tu Mama Tambien. Whilst it doesn’t explicitly feature biomedical science, the reveal in the plot, in this beautiful coming of age drama, gives insights into how living with cancer affects people.

Like life, film is set to a timeline. You don’t know where you are going but – when time is cut short, it changes everything.

The great thing about movies is they can communicate what we can’t always talk about.

Hot performance in a ‘science’ role

The Hunger

Its gotta be Susan Sarandon in Tony Scott’s ‘The Hunger’. Susan Sarandon and  Catherine Deneuve….  immortality, ageing and vampirism #sizzle (plus some lab coats, microscopes and stuff like that).

Arthouse movie

Scene from Upstream Color

My favourite film from last year is Shane Carruth’s Upstream Color. A clever play on lifecycles – from the microscopic to plants to humans and back again – this film reconnects us to the earth and reminds us we aren’t the only species in the game of life.

Raspberry: the worst film or TV drama you can think of.

The man with two brains. Its just daft (but very entertaining).

Cheers to @meroec for this filmic distraction!


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