Tedx City2.0 – a global conversation

Tedx City 2.0

Really excited to be part of this Tedx City2.0 – a global conversation today.

I’ve been busy getting inspired by watching Ted & Tedx talks covering closely related & inspirational topics… check ’em out:

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me prepare for my talk @wellcometrust. In particular, Emily Philippou, who arranged a practice and Trust staff who gave insights and feedback. I have been practising the talk with a clever technique taught to me by Emily – running it through really really fast, then really really s – l – o – w and hopefully today I’ll find a balance between the two.

Am a bit nervous – but really looking forward to it!

Final thank you to the inspirational Farida Vis and Imran Ali who gave me this speaking opportunity, i hope i give everyone involved in the Everyday Growing Cultures story a great outing to inspire others.

Everyday Growing Cultures was funded by EPSRC Communities & Culture Network+ & support from a range of other partners, Grow Sheffield, Open Data Manchester and The Kindling Trust. Plus continued support from The Wellcome Trust & the University of Manchester through my Engagement Fellowship.

Talk will be on my slideshare and you can watch the Everyday Growing Cultures movie.


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