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Is technology harming our brains?

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The new Big Picture Debates the Brain appexplores social and ethical questions about the human brain. Erinma Ochu considers one: the impact of technology on the brain and the wider societal implications.

Whether we like it or not, it’s nigh on impossible to extract ourselves from technology these days. By the time you’ve been woken up by your alarm clock, made a cup of coffee and sent your first tweet, technology has extended a helping hand to ease you into your daily routine and connect you with the outside world.

It’s important to acknowledge the ‘helping hand’ that technology extends to us. Indeed, scientists studying the brain also rely on technology to provide tools to help unlock the secrets of how the brain works. Big neuroscience projects, such as the Human Connectome Project (which aims to map the major connections between nerve cells in the brain) would be impossible…

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