Mad Worlds maketh the #futr

Am nearly at the end of a crazy but enjoyable week as FutureEverything kicked off around Manchester and many of the many projects & passions i work on converged, remixed and amplified. I’ve jumped from planting 66 @turingsunflower (s) on the weekend at MOSI to hanging out @MadLabuk whilst the Patchworks team built a brain machine (to alter your mood and relax you) to dropping off pots & seeds for Maths students gearing up to plant Sunflowers at the Turing building.

At the start of the week I was on a social media cafe panel debate on Manchester’s Digital Future which was lived streamed by Northology and summed up by a few people online including RedRook Digital and Manchester Climate Monthly giving quite different perspectives – mainly because people had different agendas – for me, the really interesting conversations, seeded by the audience were triggered post-debate: e.g using data visualisation to show whether local interventions make a difference to Manchester and its social, environmental and economic challenges so that people can influence action on the ground and the return on social investment which, lets face it, quite often doesn’t materialise. You can watch the panel here yourself here:

Video streaming by Ustream

After helping present one talk on Turing’s Sunflowers at FutureEverything yesterday, am looking forward to the Catalyst talk this morning. These two projects collided nicely when my Catalyst team mates planted @turingsunflower.

Turing's Sunflowers @FutureEverything

Fortunately, that’s not quite the end of the madness as FutureEverything continues over the weekend – going to see Herberts’ One Pig tonight at RNCM and rolls into Loop the Loop tomorrow where hopefully our Squirrel Nation film, Cote D’Azur will screen before planting more lovely sunflowers at MOSI on Sunday.

A playful distraction last night was the wonderful awesomeness that is I’d Hide You. Am hoping to catch up & reflect on the past week with a decent brew and a swim at some point on Sunday. In the meantime looking after and watering the sunflowers is keeping me very relaxed and temporarily sane (unlike the brain machine glasses i have to add – think they need green or blue light rather than amphetamine red!). Well, with so many seeds planted, conversations had, possibilities raised, I’m looking forward to the #futr iterations that arise from this crazy week… in the mean time, tipping my hat to @toodrew for creating a playground for all of these collisions.

It was also really lovely to have my friend and media planner, Nicci Motiang, stay over from Oz to navigate the chaos – her introduction to Manchester was a manic taxi ride from Piccadilly station via MOSI, The University of Manchester and Old Trafford to drop off plants, seeds and pots ahead of the Social Media Debate in Shude Hill, fortunately in between various pitches, she got a less chaotic intro to the region’s creativity via the launch of the Creative Exchange that i am also really excited about. Secretly (perhaps not so secretly now!) hoping Nicci might be tempted to this neck of the woods.


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