Share my world – week 18

1. Do you play computer games? Which one(s) or most recent?

I tend to play computer games that I played as a kid – frogger, sonic the hedgehog, pacman, space invaders – occasionally I’ll try a new one but I always return to these trusty few.

2.  When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pen or pencil?


A pen. My favourite is a space pen, you can write upside down with it. Recently though I wrote out the words ‘small things’ in pencil on a piece of fabric, really faintly, for an art residency. I then sewed over the pencilled words with red thread. It was very satisfying and reassuring seeing my stitched handwriting looking like my handwriting. It took a while to sew it, but I really enjoyed it and would like to sew more words – it would make me really think about what I am going to write.

3. What has surprised you about blogging?

Blogging challenges – like share my world and others – they open up connections and insights into the rest of the world.

4. If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including animals or people), what would you put on it.

Gosh this one’s tricky… a gold ring that my auntie gave me, whatever book I am reading and whichever notepad I’m writing in.

Meantime, everyone else’s share my world week 18 answers here.


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