Share my world – week 16

1. If you had a choice, which would be your preference: salt water beaches, fresh water lakes, hot tub, or desert?

I just came back from Palma, Mallorca and i love salt water beaches to look at but to relax in I would prefer a hot   tub!

2. What book do you think everyone should read and why?

Ahhh i am nearly finished Paul Auster’s ‘Book of Illusions’ – it works on so many levels – a brilliant story, told in a way that hooks you in and spits you back out… i love his choice of words – it simply reminds me of the joy and pleasure of reading. Everyday I have read it i have been engrossed, lost in the book and the world of the book. That’s what i need in life, to get lost in a brilliant book…

it begins with a quote:

“man has not one and the same life. He has many lives, placed end to end, and that is the cause of his misery.” – Chateaubriand

3. What’s your favorite way to wake up and what’s the first thing you do?

Hmm… i like to wake up knowing i don’t have to go anywhere, like this morning, that was bliss. The first thing i do on a day like that is to go… back… to… sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!

4. What do you do to relax?

That’s easy…. sleeeeeeeeeeeep, day dream, read, swim…. not all at the same time, obviously!

So, that’s my answers to the four questions for this week’s Share my world, check out everyone else’s here. Love this challenge!


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