Pond life

Catching frogs is one of my great regrets in life – but it taught me a valuable lesson – don’t take creatures out of their natural habitat, particularly if you don’t know how to look after them.

Many years ago i was out on a walk with my mum and siblings. It was one of those long sprawling walks where you run ahead, drop behind, catch up, chat, pick up sticks, skim stones across the lake… anyway on this walk i spotted lots of frogs. I caught them and put them in the tuppaware box we used for our picnic. Back home i tried to recreate a pond for the frogs in our back garden.

i thought i’d done a pretty good job and to play something else. When i came back out an hour or so later, all the frogs were belly up, dead on their backs in their new home. I was horrified – quite apart from imagining they had some weird virus (and they had somehow transferred this to the tuppaware box) – it struck me that I was the one that led them to an early grave.

This last month or so, I moved office and home all in the space of a couple of weeks. i have to set up new environments in both places if i am to ensure that i don’t end up like the frogs, belly up, I have been contemplating what i need in these new environments.

I’m a creature of habit so i will be lost for a few weeks. i must remind myself that its okay and enjoy getting lost – its the way to explore your way around. Last time we moved i would find myself on bus heading back to the old place before i realised i was going the wrong way. So, the goal i think is to have a place for everything.

This means:

1. Efficient packing

2. Recycling and reducing what i can

3. Venture out beyond what i can see

4. Making a map to build up a knowledge of what’s where

5. Imagining myself in the new space

6. Not relying on GPS, getting lost, so i can find my way back

7. Remembering that i am in a new place and its all good

8. Forget about the frogs

For anyone wanting to keep frogs here’s a link to help keep ’em alive and well: http://allaboutfrogs.org/info/housing/index.html


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