We were lucky enough to be shown the end of the film Weekend, by the film’s producer, Tristan Goligher on SOS, a european script development programme that I’ve been developing a feature script on.

You don’t really want to be seen crying on your script development programme but the end of this film really struck a chord. I was just about to catch a flight back to the UK and I left with the feeling of this film playing on my mind. I couldn’t wait to see the film in the cinema to discover the journey to its poignant ending.

After a few months wait, Weekend came to the Cornerhouse in Manchester and I wasn’t disappointed.

Without spoiling the story for anyone who hasn’t seen it, this simple, intimate, indie film captures a particular je ne sais que about the potent mix of romantic and sexual love that I haven’t seen on screen for quite some time. The film resonates with a particular post-university end of twentysomething period in life, where the hope of finding love can still effectively distract you from the boredom of everyday life if you have settled into a routine job that pays the bills and all your friends have settled down, had kids and gotten married.

What i love about this film is that it touches very gently on the trajectory of a life that deviates from the norm of marriage, baby, house, job-for-life and uses this as one of the tensions that creates an internal drama for the main character who is gay, but not completely out to the world. It also externalises this drama through his relationship over one weekend, with another man, Glen. Glen is more secure in his sexuality but jaded about love after a partner cheated on him repeatedly. Instead he has also hit the other side of coming out: the frustration of living in a world in which heterosexuality obliterates the visibility of anything else. The fact that they only have the weekend together heightens the drama and the intimacy of their exchanges. Essentially the concept mirrors the conditions for falling in love. How can you not fall in love with that concept as a writer or indeed as a viewer!?

Distracted by my own life/ work / settling down mini-dramas I’ve been struggling with the treatment for the script I am writing and decided, after remembering my initial response to Weekend after only seeing the end of the film, to write the ending and go from there. If you know where you’re going, the rest can hopefully follow… in the end is my beginning and all that.

Weekend is still screening across England: check cinemas here. If you are in Manchester just nip down to the Cornerhouse – its on tonight. Meantime I have a treatment to finish and hopefully some crying to do!


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