Sunday morning…

In spite of the rain I had a great Sunday – I cycled over to my studio and spent a couple of hours writing there. Every Sunday at the Mill there’s the Sunday Market where local artists sell their wares (alongside cake and cups of tea). There’s nothing like a cup of tea when you’re soaked through! I also bought a couple of screenprinted bags for a fiver made by Mary Lundquist.


A bit later I cycled over to Piccadilly Basin where the Northern Quarter Greening Group we’re part of have been setting up Growboxes (allotments) as part of the plan to Green the area. We now have an allotment there and planted tomato plants, radishes, spinach and peppers. Even though we were soaking wet it was great fun and I’m really looking forward to learning more about gardening.

Joe Weeks from the group is going to be at Envirolution next Sunday to talk about the project. What I love about Manchester is the sense of community there is to solve local challenges – and making it enjoyable to boot – what more could you ask for? Perfect Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunday morning…

  1. it ain’t nothing like that down south! people are selfish funny egocentric and daft but theres a real ‘appreciation’ of green spaces farmers markets etc captured by a boiling hot aft at columbia rd market 5 mins away or Broadway mkt a further 10 mins- bring your dog move in and let the old london hampstead camden brew of the 80s etc drain away discovering the dalston -new cross line and the bizarre mix of people in the east yr before 20-12 …. g’wan! you know you want to – anita bethnal green londinium 2011

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