An evening with Tony Grisoni

As part of the Drafted Screenwriting programme that I am on we get an opportunity to go along to related industry events. One event that I was really looking forward to and was not disappointed by was an evening with the screenwriter Tony Grisoni at the Cornerhouse. He’s written some great movies (In this World) and worked with some really interesting directors (e.g. Michael Winterbottom and Terry Gilliam) and has now made the foray into directing himself. He was interviewed on this occasion by script editor, Kate Leys who is one of the development consultants on the Drafted programme.

They chatted informally, charting his early career, writing rituals, experiences on set and frustrations as a wannabe director but what i really enjoyed hearing was that writing was the thing that allowed him to be playful and that filmmaking was a very collective and social action – there was something magical about all these people coming together and making a movie – it was like being part of a ‘circus’ that stopped by in town every once in a while. I hope to be re-joining the circus again sometime soon!


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