Hollywood Hook up

Hollywood hook up with John August at London Screenwriters festival

I’m currently at the London Screenwriters Festival and right now enjoying the Hollywood hook up session (live skypechats with Hollywood) with screenwriter Stephen Gyllenhaal who’s written on many of my favourite TV shows including ‘Homicide Life on the Street‘ and ‘Twin Peaks‘. It was interesting to hear that both Stephen tonight and John August last night talked about the importance of finding the ending of the film because then you you know where you are going. So John writes the last ten pages of his screenplays first and Stephen talked about a breakthrough moment in his career as finding the ending to a film rather than a specific career breakthrough. It’s been great to hear more about the process of successful screenwriters and writing insights like:

write for yourself – if you won’t pay to go to the movie, why would anyone else’ and ‘just finish it – get it done”

Nuff said! Will have to apply that in practice even though it feels like a hectic month or so on the writing front. I’ve submitted the treatment to the science fiction project, ‘Frozen’ that I am developing as part of Vision and Media’s ‘DRAFTED‘ screenwriting programme. Plus, I submitted a second draft of Interloper feature script and had a second development meeting for that.

Stephen Gyllenhaal’s final advice to an aspiring writer…

“write from experience… you are the expert on that…  and you will learn a lot about yourself and maybe get paid“.

Hollywood hook up at the London Screen writers festival

Hear the conversation with Stephen here.


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