Ch ch changes…

I’ve decided to switch my writing days from Monday and Friday to Tuesday and Friday. The main reason for this change is that i was successful in getting onto a feature screenwriting programme being run in Manchester. It starts on Tuesday 7th Sept and i’ll be  scripting a lo-fi science fiction project entitled ‘Frozen’. Will no doubt start a new blog up about that shortly as the process is quite an interesting one.

One thing that i have been looking into recently is novel ways that films are getting financed and different types of financier. Four recent examples involve a film festival, a sports clothing company and 2 charitable trusts.

1. Film Festival. The Rotterdam Film Festival are running a programme called Cinema Reloaded in which 3 pre-selected directors with projects are financed by film fans and festival audiences. Would be co-producers buy and invest ‘coins‘ in the three projects in exchange for a credit, no creative input and no financial return.

2. Sports clothing subsidiary. Umbro industries in Manchester are investing £10K into creative projects that support and showcase new creative talent in Manchester.

3. Charitable Trust

a) The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have teamed up with Mosaic Films, BBC Storyville, STEPS international and the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival to support a competition to find filmmakers to create documentaries about poverty in the UK.

b) The Wellcome Trust Broadcast Media Development Awards to support the development of broadcast proposals to engage the public in biomedical science.

Finally there was also this conference i came across on Financing and funding in the digital age coming up on the 16th September at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester.


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