All Quiet on the Western Front

It’s becoming a little quiet on the blog front as i was busy worrying about my BSL test last week. Getting distracted (as i often do) i came across youtube BSL’d songs which i think is a great way to learn signing. Signing is such an expressive language and singing and signing naturally go together. Watching this ‘Will Young’ song signed, i can now say “Give me one good reason why i want to do that”. As a hearing person, I like the value added by signing in the sense that it enables a crossover between gender in the rendering of the song being communicated. I am not quite sure how to convey what i mean but my perception of the song  is different somehow.

My partner (who is deaf) asked me a while ago whether i had any ideas for the BSL Broadcasting Trust for her to direct. I think this avenue might be interesting but at the same time, as a hearing person, its difficult to escape my own perceptions as a hearing person and to write for a deaf audience. Still, something to think about.

A connecting thought is that we were testing out an online karaoke machine earlier . Maybe there is something in the singing and signing and karaoke that go together.


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