I have three feature ideas waiting in the gate: Frozen, Departures and The Interpreters. Two of which I submitted to a feature development programme. I was asked a really interesting question about which director I could see one of these films directed by. I really admire Michael Winterbottom as a director – he does his own stuff, collaborates with writers and makes film after film. He manages to bridge the divide between art-house and mainstream by making films that are relevant and of their time – in terms of look, music, casting and that is something I would want from a director. The other person on the tip of my tongue was Kevin MacDonald. What these two have in common is that they have come from a documentary background so they can understand and find ‘moments’ as they are shooting. I love films that cross boundaries and borders and both these directors achieve that with their movies. The question has got me thinking about looking out for that upcoming Michael Winterbottom, male or female. An quick round the houses and I am wondering about Xiaolu Guo who made She, A Chinese. She’s an author as well and has an interesting take on writing books and other stuff. Inspiring.


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