Warning! Explosive Chemistry!

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We just wrapped on a fantastic Curious Minds School Science project. I worked with a great group of teachers in the science department to facilitate them to create a buzz about science across the school and beyond. The results were pretty amazing – a live lecture planned and delivered by teachers, technicians and pupils to tell the history of chemistry to year 7 kids. I learned loads from the lecture itself and was really impressed, watching the show with a colleague working on the Manchester Science Festival. The local news picked up the story thanks to a press release written by the kids in their English lesson. I really enjoyed this way of working – inspiring creativity in others and acting in a supportive role to bring science to life across the school. I look forward to going back in September to finalise a short case study on lessons learned and next steps.

The project holds lots of good memories for me, including a visit to the Gormley sculptures on Crosby Beach. Its projects like this that make work worthwhile and fun.


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