The possibilities are endless

Having finished work on the archive short film, cote d’azur, I am really into this idea of archive. It taps into my favourite habit of collecting and storing old newspaper articles to inform future stories. I tend to have several boxes full of unsorted articles at any one time and with moving house several times in the past year, i have had the chance to trawl my newspaper archive several times over and re-distribute them back into my writing. In any project i love doing this because you get a different perspective and often find universal themes as well as ideas for plot, location and character.

For many years i fought off this desire to write – i envisaged that i really should try and learn other ways to experience the world but i realise now that is like a dancer cutting off an arm or a leg because writing is what connects me to the outside world and helps me to create some sense or meaning from it whether its writing a film, a project proposal or a letter. Indeed this blog is a case in point. Blogging has become a pivotal part of my writing process – in ‘holding a space’ for experiment, reflection and progress.

Now that I have been through the process on one film, I want to refine the process of using blogging to bring ideas to life by connecting it to my picture and sound archive that i collect on my iphone.

What’s exciting is that wordpress have just announced a way to send sound recordings from your phone straight to your blog as podcasts. Probably they aren’t the only people to do it, so a little research is needed. For example, I was at the cultural leaders re:freshers event where a short insight contribution was recorded and tweeted out into the web using audio boo. It would be very cool if you could skype call blog posts and if you could download the audio files afterwards to use elsewhere for incorporating into projects.

This is why the internet and social media is so great – it creates an archive of human history for us to mine, discover and remix. There are four or five writing projects that i want to get off the ground that need other people to call in and tell their stories – and i am wondering if i can use it for that.

As the number of blogs i am harnessing grows i need to find a way to link them all together. There is a new batch that want to jump into life:

Fiction Docs

  • not the 9 to 5
  • gottmundottir
  • letters home


  • Rewind
  • Doors


  • Departures
  • Frozen

Am quite excited at this prospect.


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