Opportunity knocks…

I like my Fridays. I work at a school in Liverpool for about 2 hours with a group of teachers as they plan a project to inspire and motivate kids in science. During the week we exchange texts to organise the Friday session. Am heading there now by train. I love train journeys too. Today is the first session with the kids.

In the usual rush to catch my train I put my trousers on inside out. I can imagine the last kid leaving the room after the session: “er, miss your trousers are wrong…”

Yesterday I had an interesting invite: to submit a first draft script to the NFTS/ Script Factory script development diploma. They need the first draft for 30th June 2010 and a 1 page outline for Monday. Am considering it but i still have the cycling film swimming round my head (blogging about that elsewhere).

This weekend is a holiday break at some spa place in Cheshire thanks to the boo. Hopefully I will emerge pampered and relaxed for the weekahead.

Back to planning today’s session with the kids – that’s on a private blog with the teachers and other creatives. The blogging thing is becoming a little obsessive so i feel it’s time to set up another for the feature I’m working on. Its called ‘Interloper’. It’s a movie that I hope will remove my rage against the machine. Actually it combines a lot of my favourite things… Video games, violence, trains, swimming pools and preaching.


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