There is a lot i want to get done this year writing wise. So i hope this blog will keep me rolling on the writing front. It’s taken a while to get into a method of writing regularly and clearing the decks to actually put pen to paper. Its often about finding ways into the material stored in my head – to make it connect and start living so that i can see it, hear it and write it. As long as i am writing (or thinking about writing) i am happy. The other morning, just to get started, i went for an early morning walk through the centre of Manchester and jumped on a train to the airport and back again. The walk connected several ideas – one in particular called ‘not the 9 to 5’. A short documentary i want to make that reveals the rhythm of life outside the ‘ordinary’ working day – the stuff that happens whilst we are sleeping. Aside from that the walk cleared my head to start work on the thing i am meant to be working on ‘Cote D’Azur‘, a docudrama about a track cyclist.


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